Featured Activities

International Crossroads organizes a variety of activities and provide opportunities for friendship with Americans and internationals. International Crossroads is a Christian organization that welcomes all students regardless of ethnic background, race, religion or belief system to join us at our activities as well as to live in our student center! All events are free unless otherwise stated.


Friendship Friday Dinner

Every two weeks, we gather together for a time of fellowship and laughter over a meal provided by volunteers. We also offer scedualed activities This is a great time to meet new people and learn about different cultures, including the American culture.



If you are looking to meet Americans and make new friends, this is for you. After filling out a small form, you will be paired with Americans who have signed up to be Friendship Partners. This is a great opportunity to practice your English, spend time with Americans, and explore beautiful Colorado with like-minded people.


English Conversation Hour

Every Tuesday, We gather for a hour starting at 7pm and practice our English with native speakers. If you want to practice speaking your English skills, enjoy games and learning about the American culture than this is the event for you. Check the calander for upcoming dates.